Industry-leading and fish-friendly technology for your vessel

Stranda has over many years had close and thorough developing processes to solve some of the challenges at the salmon farming sites in the sea. We have numerous solutions for vessels servicing cage-based fish farming and solutions for harvesting at the cage.

Clean nets are crucial to be able to produce fish efficiently in cages. Today’s large cage operations requires net cleaning operation with high capacity and uptime.

Fish handling at Stranda Prolog means to pump fish as gently as possible. This gives the best fish quality and economy.

We have extensive experience with handling and transporting live or killed fish on board various vessels. The projects we have delivered range from relatively simple pumping challenges to the most demanding in terms of capacity, distance and height. When fish are to be lifted more than 4-5 meters, our vacuum / pressure pumps are by far the best technology.

Our solutions are complete and adapted to customer needs.

After pumping, fish and water needs to be split. This can happen in a dewatering unit or over a grading table. Often it is an advantage to separate the fish in two size categories to make the stunning machines work as well as possible. We have solutions for water handling from dewatering and grading units. If desirable, we can return the water to where the fish is pumped from. 

Stranda has a long experience in this area and supplied numerous dewatering units and grading tables for different applications and capacities.

A HeliXir bath treatment tank is primarily used for medical or freshwater treatment of fish, normally to remove parasites. This is a mild process for the fish and a well-controlled process for the operators.

HeliXir tanks for bath treatment are large screw tanks optimized for handling live fish. The fish are gently led into the tanks and counted into each chamber. The circulation pattern and water quality system assure best possible circumstances for the fish being moved slowly through the tank before gently lifted into a water chute or pipe that transports the fish back to a cage. The process is particularly applicable for treatments that take between 15 and 120 min.

Stranda strongly believes that percussion stunning is the method that gives the best fish welfare, bleeding, product quality and longest pre rigor time. A long pre-rigor time simplifies further processing and improves yield. You also avoid broken spines and blood spots.

After stunning the fish may be automatically bled in the same machine or manually on the control table. 

Stranda has for many years supplied the whole reception and killing system for live fish to harvest plants and harvest vessels. In the past we have integrated third party stun and bleed solutions, but from 2021 we have our own stunning machine.

Stranda Prolog supplies software, digitalisation, and automation solutions for the seafood industry. Our engineers, automaticians and software developers have wide competence and understanding of harvest plants, support systems and technology for treatment, transport, and processing of fish.

The software developers engage in interdisciplinary cooperation with the other departments at Stranda Prolog to develop the best products both at machine and total system level.

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