Cooling and Storing

Prolog Tank System

Stranda’s Prolog tanks are in certain cases an efficient alternative to HeliX tanks for cooling and storing. This applies when the units are filled and emptied only 1–2 times per day and not part of a continuous process. Further, Prolog tanks may well be placed outdoors, and you can save significant building cost. Since Prolog tanks are a part of a closed system they are prepared for automatic cleaning together with the piping from a central CIP. 

The principle for filling and emptying the tanks makes the system independent of heights in the plant. 

When a tank is fully loaded it contains 2/3 fish and 1/3 water, circulated via a RSW or slurry ice solution. Cooling and thereby the fish quality i optimized using a sophisticated circulation pattern that also prevents squeezing of fish near the bottom of the tank. Fish are being loaded into the tank using under pressure and water circulation from a hopper tank where fish are made available. Offloading is done by using over pressure and water circulation to a dewatering unit where the fish are to be delivered.


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