Systems that are optimized for good fish logistics and fish health

We have efficient fish logistics systems for land-based farms that also contribute to good fish welfare. Hoseth Technology's Triplo pumps are very suitable for transporting fish from large breeding tanks to a centrally located sorting table. One Triplo pump can retrieve fish from a number of production tanks for cost efficiency. Vertical positioning of the pump is important in order to optimize fish welfare and the pipe systems to and from the pump should be planned early in the design phase.

Stranda also offers flexible and efficient technology for harvesting fish from land-based fish farms.

Fish handling in Hoseth Technology means pumping fish as gently as possible. This gives the best fish quality and economy.

We have a long experience in handling and transporting live fish. The projects Stranda has delivered varies from relatively simple pump challenges to the most demanding regarding capacity, distance, and height. When fish are to be lifted more than 4-5 meters, the best technology is our vacuum/pressure pumps.

Our solutions are complete and adapted to customer needs.

After pumping, fish and water needs to be split. This can happen in a dewatering unit or over a grading table. Often it is an advantage to separate the fish in two size categories to make the stunning machines work as well as possible. We have solutions for water handling from dewatering and grading units. If desirable, we can return the water to where the fish is pumped from. 

Hoseth Technology has extensive experience and has supplied water separators and sorting tables in a range of sizes and functions.

Hoseth Technology supplies software, digitization and automation solutions for the seafood industry. Our engineers, automatists and software developers have broad knowledge and understanding of slaughterhouses, support systems and technology for processing, transporting and processing fish.

The software developers have an interdisciplinary collaboration with other environments in Hoseth Technology to develop the best products both at machine level and total systems.

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