HeliX tanks serve a wide range of purposes in fish factories. They are used for chilling live fish prior to sedation and bleeding, for chilling fish after bleeding, as a buffer storage after gutting or as a buffer prior to fileting.

The sideloader lets you control how many fish go into each chamber and how long it is going to stay there. Coupled with Strand Prolog’s control system StraKS the sideloader ensures that the fish reaches the next step in the process just when it needs to. HeliX is a smart buffer storage that can increase the productivity by as much as 20 percent.

The cold-water flows through the tank in the opposite direction of the fish. This ensures that the fish encounters the coldest and cleanest water just before leaving the tank. 

The pipes connected to the cooling system can be CIP-cleaned.

Stranda Prolog has been making HeliX tanks since (xxxx). Over the years we have delivered more than 100, in a wide range of sizes and configurations.




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HeliX tank:                        
Stranda Prolog AS product brochure - HeliX tank

Small HeliX tank:               
Stranda Prolog AS product brochure - Small HeliX tank

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