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Fish Pumps

Stranda Prolog’s pumps are gentle on the fish and easy to operate. Placing them below or as close as possible to sea level reduces the suction level to as little as – 0,1 bar. This all but eliminates injuries to the fish due to ruptured capillaries and upset swim bladders.

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HeliX tanks

HeliX tanks serve a wide range of purposes in fish factories. They are used for chilling live fish prior to sedation and bleeding, for chilling fish after bleeding, as a buffer storage after gutting or as a buffer prior to fileting.

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HeliXir fish hospital

HeliXir is an entirely new way of treating fish. The fish is moved through the treatment bath in a controlled fashion. This allows you to reuse your chemicals and reduce pollution.

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Manta net cleaner

The Manta is designed to work with the forces of nature, not against them. It is developed in cooperation with people who have many years of practical experience with cleaning the nets in fish farming cages.

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Central vacuum

The system collects byproducts from gutting machines and gutting tables and sends it to a separation cyclone.

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Grading table

Stranda Prologs grading tables are gentle on the fish and easy to use. They include a dewatering unit, one or two levels of sorting static or rotating sorting bars.

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Stranda Blue Line conveyors are designed to be both hygienic and efficient. We use stainless drum motors to ensure a high degree of reliability.

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